Here is what I know about our re-opening...

  1. The health and well being of our clients and staff always comes first. I am committed to opening only when I am completely comfortable that we can keep everyone safe.
  2. étant is currently included in Phase 2 of the state and city re-opening process. This means the spa should be able to open on June 8. 
  3. I am still waiting to find out exactly what the mandated state and city guidelines for opening étant will be.
  4. Once I have a clear sense of what those guidelines allow, I will take all the necessary steps to comply and re-open étant. I ask for your patience as I implement our new protocols and safety measures.
  5. As soon as I have a set date I will let you know.
  6. Be aware that our schedule will be changing. For the first few weeks, I plan on being open Wednesday through Sunday.
  7. With regard to our staff returning to work, I am  bringing my staff back in phases. These phases will be determined by each staff member's personal preference, as well as business volumes upon re-opening.
  8. My plan is to be fully open, fully staffed, 7 days a week, as soon as possible.


My staff and I miss you and are excited to see you again!

I appreciate your support.

Be Well!